[CALUG] Need dual boot system

randy schrickel randysch at comcast.net
Tue Oct 31 20:55:35 CST 2006

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd wrote:

> Jason's suggestion of a LUG meeting is a good one, but bring along some 
> goodies to trade :)

Smiley noted, but the best part about the CALUG is that others are ready 
to help for nothing at all in return, just the pleasure of helping 
someone. So if you can wait two weeks for the next meeting, by all 
means, take your whole PC to the meeting, and you'll leave with a 
working dual boot system. We've done it plenty of times before! If you 
know what distribution you'd like installed, bring your install disk(s) 
with you, or ask here and someone can burn you a copy.


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