[CALUG] Need dual boot system

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Tue Oct 31 14:54:42 CST 2006

[1] learn to do it yourself
[2] take it to a fellow geek

As far as [1] is concerned, Partition Magic/Boot is the easiest way, but 
costs money.

Depending on what you have to trade, [2] may or may not cost you. If you 
can figure out how to resize and/or move a Windows partition, or you 
have a second disk in your computer, then create space for a Linux 
system, install LILO or GRUB in the MBR, and add an extry to chain back 
to Windows.

You need to specify:

[0] What is your general level of expertise?
[1] how quickly do you want it done?
[2] how much are you willing to spend?
[3] what other goodies do you have to barter with?

Jason's suggestion of a LUG meeting is a good one, but bring along some 
goodies to trade :)


Wendel Dean Renner wrote:

>Any recommendation of where I can take a new computer to
>in Columbia MD (or Baltimore area)  with Windows XP
>on it to have Linux installed also for a dual boot system?
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