[CALUG] MFCs & Linux

Hugh Brown brownclan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 08:56:09 CDT 2006

I've supported some HP models in an office environment.  The fax stuff
didn't work via the computer (it does with windows), but the print and scan
worked fine.


On 4/11/06, Reid Sprague <r-link at earthlink.net> wrote:
> All,
> This is pretty basic -- just soliciting opinions and experiences.
> Have moved and am setting up a home office. Am getting ambiguous info
> regarding how well various multifunction laser machines
> (copy-print-scan-fax) work with Linux. For instance I was excited about a
> model made by Brother until I saw a couple of posts/opinions on other sites
> about lack of Linux support. Opinions & experiences with various
> units/distros in home business office environment appreciated. Will not
> necessarily need my Linux box to act as print server, many MFCs have network
> capability.
> Thanks,           Reid
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