[CALUG] MFCs & Linux

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Mon Apr 17 00:13:45 CDT 2006

Hard to say. However, every distro I have seen has driven every printer 
I have tried, and there seems to be a big database of them. I would 
guess that HP, given their professional heritage, would likely work, and 
expect that the cheaper printers would give you problems.

As mentioned, a Jet Direct card, or anything acting like a print server 
ought to work just fine.


Reid Sprague wrote:

>This is pretty basic -- just soliciting opinions and experiences.
>Have moved and am setting up a home office. Am getting ambiguous info regarding how well various multifunction laser machines (copy-print-scan-fax) work with Linux. For instance I was excited about a model made by Brother until I saw a couple of posts/opinions on other sites about lack of Linux support. Opinions & experiences with various units/distros in home business office environment appreciated. Will not necessarily need my Linux box to act as print server, many MFCs have network capability.
>Thanks,           Reid
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