[CA LUG] Looking for a good burn of Fedora Core 4

Russ rmain at polaris.umuc.edu
Wed Sep 14 08:47:34 CDT 2005


I'd like to hear the porper way to download iso's.  Ive done it in Windows
but I think windows touches the files somehow and even though they have
passed the checksums I havent been able to get them to work.

Russ M

On Wed, 14 Sep 2005, Sean Wilkerson wrote:

> Don,
> What is the problem with your attempts?  Did it not download?  Did it 
> partially download and fail?  What mirror did you choose (have you tried 
> others, perhaps one closer to you)?  Did you get it downloaded all the 
> way, but the checksum failed?  Did you get it downloaded all the way, 
> not run the checksum, but then tried to burn it?  Are you downloading on 
> windows?
> The world of proprietary software when related to "tinkerers" used to 
> exists largely of "swapping cds" with friends and that sort.  However, 
> OSS is readily available to anyone with an internet connection, and is 
> typically easy to download, check the integrity of,  and run.  Although 
> you can get this CD from anyone, it might be good to understand 1. Why 
> it is failing so far 2. How you can get it to NOT fail, so you won't 
> have to rely on someone else next time you want software.
> The opensource community typically rallys around those who want to help 
> themselves.  If you ask for the disk, you might find someone willing to 
> share, if you ask for help solving the problem yourself, I am confidant 
> you will get help from many people offering suggestions, or procedures, 
> which you can follow.
> Hope that wasn't too preachy, that certainly wasn't the intent.
> Sean
> Don Miller III wrote:
> >Hi CALUG.
> >
> >I have repeatedly tried to download the image file fore FC4 DVD or 
> >Cd's.  I would prefer the DVD but it really does not matter for me.  I 
> >want to explore Linux and after years of use off and on, I am still a 
> >novice.  If anyone has suggestions, or can connect for me to burn a 
> >copy, I would appreciate it. 
> >
> >Thanks for your help
> >
> >Don
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Russ Main

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