[CA LUG] Looking for a good burn of Fedora Core 4

Sean Wilkerson sean at seanandheather.com
Wed Sep 14 04:22:30 CDT 2005

What is the problem with your attempts?  Did it not download?  Did it 
partially download and fail?  What mirror did you choose (have you tried 
others, perhaps one closer to you)?  Did you get it downloaded all the 
way, but the checksum failed?  Did you get it downloaded all the way, 
not run the checksum, but then tried to burn it?  Are you downloading on 

The world of proprietary software when related to "tinkerers" used to 
exists largely of "swapping cds" with friends and that sort.  However, 
OSS is readily available to anyone with an internet connection, and is 
typically easy to download, check the integrity of,  and run.  Although 
you can get this CD from anyone, it might be good to understand 1. Why 
it is failing so far 2. How you can get it to NOT fail, so you won't 
have to rely on someone else next time you want software.

The opensource community typically rallys around those who want to help 
themselves.  If you ask for the disk, you might find someone willing to 
share, if you ask for help solving the problem yourself, I am confidant 
you will get help from many people offering suggestions, or procedures, 
which you can follow.

Hope that wasn't too preachy, that certainly wasn't the intent.


Don Miller III wrote:

>I have repeatedly tried to download the image file fore FC4 DVD or 
>Cd's.  I would prefer the DVD but it really does not matter for me.  I 
>want to explore Linux and after years of use off and on, I am still a 
>novice.  If anyone has suggestions, or can connect for me to burn a 
>copy, I would appreciate it. 
>Thanks for your help
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