[CALUG] Linux-compatible MP3 player?

Russell Evans russell-evans at qwest.net
Sun Dec 11 04:57:45 CST 2005

On Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:28:10 +0100
"Edward D. Browne" <browne at t-online.de> wrote:

>  I'm looking for a portable MP3 player with the following  
> characteristics: 512MB flash memory,MP3 and WAV, rechargeable 
> battery, USB and AC adapter, FM tuner, voice, line-in and FM 
> recording and particularly *timed* FM recording.  As best I can tell, 
> the best of the very few that do timed FM recording is the Samsung 
> YEPP YP-T7X.  Obviously all of these players make a big stink about 
> being Windows compatible (all 20 flavors) and MacOS compatible, 
> but is there anything I as a Linux user need to care about in terms
> of compatibility, other than just drag-n-drop (or similar) file
> transfers?  

I bought a Mobiblu DAH1500i from Walmart at the end of Nov.. I got the
$129, 1Gb, only black, "Special" with a $14.95 AC charger included. The
other deal, which is all I can find on the site now, is get
it in the color you want, $129, 1Gb, "without the $14.95 AC charger,
"Regular Special". Walmart adds five mp3 downloads from their on line
store whether you purchase the "Special" or "Regular Special" which is
why I guess they call either the "Special" deal. The 512Mb version is
$99. I thought the extra $30 was worth the AC adaptor and storage space.

It doesn't have "timed" FM recording, alarm clock, color screen, picture
viewer, or line-in recording, so not as full featured as the YP-T7X, but
it is only about as big as the menu button of the YP-T7X. One of the
pictures on the Walmart page has a US quarter, a thumb tack, and a piece
of Trident gum pictured with the 1500i to give you an idea of its size.
It is a cube however, not a thin device to be carried in a tight
pant's pocket. 


The sound is pretty good to my ears, (that isn't saying much),
however, I haven't seen a bad review of the sound. One of the reviews I
read said the buttons, having to be clicked, make the unit feel
cheap. I don't agree with that as I like the assurance that I get from
having the tactile click. Most reviews also don't like the headphones
that come with the unit. These also seem fine to me, although I'm in
agreement with one review, that noted the white headphones are
problematic in that people are getting targeted for ipod mugging and it
would be better if they where a non-descriptive black.

As an interesting side note, found when looking for the link at Walmart:
I'm planing to purchase a VR3 MP3 FM Modulator, $30, tomorrow as I
wasn't looking for accessories and didn't see this when I bought the
1500i,  I think it is a great idea and hope it works well. I'm not
looking to use it with the dah1500i, but will test it out. I have a few
older, small, USB sticks hanging around and think this would be a good
use for them. 

This handy MP3 FM Modulator turns any USB memory drive (not included)
into an MP3 player. It plays all of your audio devices through your car
stereo system for convenient listening anywhere. Contains MP3 decoding
software and a USB port.

Included audio cable attaches almost any CD player, DVD player, MP3
player, laptop computer, etc. to your FM modulator to hear sound
through your FM radio

Thank you

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