[CALUG] Linux-compatible MP3 player?

Bob Overberg R.Overberg at ieee.org
Sun Dec 11 06:47:31 CST 2005

I saw the next higher model (same manufacturer) MP3/audio 
modulator gizmo in Costco for $25. 

the model at costco (VRFM8) adds flexible body pivot and
better display. (IMHO)

bob o. 

On Sun, 2005-12-11 at 05:57 -0500, Russell Evans wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:28:10 +0100
> "Edward D. Browne" <browne at t-online.de> wrote:
> >  I'm looking for a portable MP3 player with the following  
> > characteristics: 512MB flash memory,MP3 and WAV, rechargeable 
> > battery, USB and AC adapter, FM tuner, voice, line-in and FM 
> > recording and particularly *timed* FM recording.  As best I can tell, 
> > the best of the very few that do timed FM recording is the Samsung 
> > YEPP YP-T7X.  Obviously all of these players make a big stink about 
> > being Windows compatible (all 20 flavors) and MacOS compatible, 
> > but is there anything I as a Linux user need to care about in terms
> > of compatibility, other than just drag-n-drop (or similar) file
> > transfers?  
> I bought a Mobiblu DAH1500i from Walmart at the end of Nov.. I got the
> $129, 1Gb, only black, "Special" with a $14.95 AC charger included. The
> other deal, which is all I can find on the site now, is get
> it in the color you want, $129, 1Gb, "without the $14.95 AC charger,
> "Regular Special". Walmart adds five mp3 downloads from their on line
> store whether you purchase the "Special" or "Regular Special" which is
> why I guess they call either the "Special" deal. The 512Mb version is
> $99. I thought the extra $30 was worth the AC adaptor and storage space.
> It doesn't have "timed" FM recording, alarm clock, color screen, picture
> viewer, or line-in recording, so not as full featured as the YP-T7X, but
> it is only about as big as the menu button of the YP-T7X. One of the
> pictures on the Walmart page has a US quarter, a thumb tack, and a piece
> of Trident gum pictured with the 1500i to give you an idea of its size.
> It is a cube however, not a thin device to be carried in a tight
> pant's pocket. 
> http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3756866&cat=164001&type=19&dept=3944&path=0%3A3944%3A133251%3A96469%3A164001
> The sound is pretty good to my ears, (that isn't saying much),
> however, I haven't seen a bad review of the sound. One of the reviews I
> read said the buttons, having to be clicked, make the unit feel
> cheap. I don't agree with that as I like the assurance that I get from
> having the tactile click. Most reviews also don't like the headphones
> that come with the unit. These also seem fine to me, although I'm in
> agreement with one review, that noted the white headphones are
> problematic in that people are getting targeted for ipod mugging and it
> would be better if they where a non-descriptive black.
> As an interesting side note, found when looking for the link at Walmart:
> I'm planing to purchase a VR3 MP3 FM Modulator, $30, tomorrow as I
> wasn't looking for accessories and didn't see this when I bought the
> 1500i,  I think it is a great idea and hope it works well. I'm not
> looking to use it with the dah1500i, but will test it out. I have a few
> older, small, USB sticks hanging around and think this would be a good
> use for them. 
> http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3579125&dept=3944&path=0%3A3944%3A3964%3A133271%3A133257%3A164096#Item+Description
> This handy MP3 FM Modulator turns any USB memory drive (not included)
> into an MP3 player. It plays all of your audio devices through your car
> stereo system for convenient listening anywhere. Contains MP3 decoding
> software and a USB port.
> Included audio cable attaches almost any CD player, DVD player, MP3
> player, laptop computer, etc. to your FM modulator to hear sound
> through your FM radio
> Thank you
> Russell
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