[CALUG] Linux-compatible MP3 player?

Hugh Brown brownclan at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 09:40:36 CST 2005

On 12/5/05, Bruce F Press <bpress at raba.com> wrote:
> I have 3 IRiver and an IAudio X5, they all work just fine with Linux.
> Although, obviously, DRM support is lacking.  I use VMWare and
> WindowsXP for licensed content.
> Bruce

I have an IAudio X5L and I would think that it is more accurate to say that
most functions can be made to work with Linux.  It shows up as a usb storage
device and you can copy audio files to it, as well as pictures.  For
playlists, you have to convert them to have Windows end-of-line and change
all the / to \  It will also play video content, but you have to use their
re-encoder to get it to the right frame size and fps (I suspect you could
probably do this on linux, but you'd have to figure out what they were doing
with their encoder and do it all by hand).  I bought mine because it
supports ogg format and it was big enough to store my music collection.
I've been very pleased with it and only connected it to windows to try out
the video.

My brother and I did a very unscientific comparison between his new video
ipod and my iAudio XL5 and we discovered that headphones make a huge
difference (the default ones that come with the ipod suck and the default
ones that came with the xl5 didn't suck as much).  Once we used the same
headphones for both, neither of us could tell any difference in the sound

The video on the Ipod was much, much better.  The lcd was bigger, the fps
seemed better.

So, I'm happy with my iAudio XL5, but it's probably overkill for the
original poster's needs.

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