[CALUG] FC4 update issues?

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Sat Dec 3 15:30:37 CST 2005

I don't know if this is what you are suffering from, but I have had terrible problems with the network based upgrades of Fedora, regardless of update tool being used.

The problem seems to be that the mirror server ges overloaded at random, and the connection times out in the middle of the file.

None of the upgrade packages seem to have any mechanism for dealing with this. 

In data base work, one would expect a two-phase commit where you can back out the transaction and start over if the telecommunications fails.

But none of the upgrade packages that I have used seems to be able to recover from a lost connection, or in some cases to even notice the loss. They just hang forever, then crash if you reboot and try to run them again.

The only reliable solution that I have found is a re-install.

> Earlier this week I tried to update a VMWare instance of FC4.  I tried yum
> -y update and it hung up on trying to update lynx; it wouldn't progress so I
> shut down my instance.  When I tried again later using yum it wouldn't do
> anything at all.  Then I tried installing the lynx update RPM by hand on a
> new instance and I got a segmentation fault.
> Has anyone else seen this happening?  I can certainly live without it if it
> wasn't for the fact I like using the CPAN module installer...
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> Joe Tseng
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