[CALUG] Linux-compatible MP3 player?

Bart Nielsen blniels at softhome.net
Fri Dec 2 20:13:10 CST 2005

The few times I've played with mp3 players, it's just been a little bit
of an issue to write:

	* fat32 (or the equivalent) file system
	* .wav or .mp3 files on top of that.

It seems to take me forever to figure out where to look to mount the
various devices --- for suse, it tends to put trash in /etc/fstab, for
redhat (or others), it's in the /var/log/messages stuff --- but once you
figure out how to mount it (and I think all of the linuxes will work
fine with anything that works on a windows box), I think you'll be set.

	(If you got something that was just OSX compatible you'd probably have
to deal with an HFS file system, but unless you're playing with itunes,
who would do that?  (I don't know what sort of file system the ipods use
--- hfs?)  I've always just assumed that if I had one of them, I'd be
able to write to it from either my wife's mac or my linux box....)


On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 04:28, Edward D. Browne wrote:
>  I should preface this by saying I've never used or even
> touched a portable MP3 player, so I don't even know what it
> means to ask "is an MP3 player linux-compatible", but I assume
> that there are some features or other that pertain when you
> plug your player into your computer.  (I assume the player
> pops up on your desktop just like any USB device when you
> plug it in, but beyond that I don't know what, if any, features
> one expects from his computer for an MP3 player.)
>  I'm looking for a portable MP3 player with the following  
> characteristics: 512MB flash memory,MP3 and WAV, rechargeable 
> battery, USB and AC adapter, FM tuner, voice, line-in and FM 
> recording and particularly *timed* FM recording.  As best I can tell, 
> the best of the very few that do timed FM recording is the Samsung 
> YEPP YP-T7X.  Obviously all of these players make a big stink about 
> being Windows compatible (all 20 flavors) and MacOS compatible, 
> but is there anything I as a Linux user need to care about in terms
> of compatibility, other than just drag-n-drop (or similar) file transfers?  
> Thanks - Ed 
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