[CALUG] Linux-compatible MP3 player?

Edward D. Browne browne at t-online.de
Thu Dec 1 03:28:10 CST 2005

 I should preface this by saying I've never used or even
touched a portable MP3 player, so I don't even know what it
means to ask "is an MP3 player linux-compatible", but I assume
that there are some features or other that pertain when you
plug your player into your computer.  (I assume the player
pops up on your desktop just like any USB device when you
plug it in, but beyond that I don't know what, if any, features
one expects from his computer for an MP3 player.)

 I'm looking for a portable MP3 player with the following  
characteristics: 512MB flash memory,MP3 and WAV, rechargeable 
battery, USB and AC adapter, FM tuner, voice, line-in and FM 
recording and particularly *timed* FM recording.  As best I can tell, 
the best of the very few that do timed FM recording is the Samsung 
YEPP YP-T7X.  Obviously all of these players make a big stink about 
being Windows compatible (all 20 flavors) and MacOS compatible, 
but is there anything I as a Linux user need to care about in terms
of compatibility, other than just drag-n-drop (or similar) file transfers?  

Thanks - Ed 

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