[CALUG] Next Meeting

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Fri Oct 13 11:24:24 CDT 2006

Jim Sansing wrote:

>The main idea of forums is to take a specific discussion offline.  The
>mailing list is still for general discussion.  If plans were being made
>for a field trip, then I wouldn't want decisions on transportation and
>where to eat to flood the main list.  But again, Bernard has volunteered
>to set up the new site and will be the one to make these decisions.
>Later . . .   Jim
Forums depend upon volume. This mailing list has already slowed down to 
a trickle.
Forums also depend on a web server and Forum CGI code, while a mailing 
list is simple.

At this level, it's much easier to delete a discussion you aren't 
interested in (it should be organized in a thread anyway) than it is to 
grovel through tables of links. And there is almost no way to easily 
keep track of what has been read. Finding the next message will require 
hitting the back button.

Plus, there is the attrition factor. If you switch, not everyone will 
follow. You will end up with few articles in few categories trickling in 
at a few per week.

Forums would have been good for the novalug, which was almost impossible 
to keep up with.

If you want to kill off the group, replace the mailing list with forums.


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