[CALUG] Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Chuck Fullerton cfullerton at tenablesecurity.com
Thu Oct 12 14:05:59 CDT 2006

Greetings All!

For those of you who missed last evenings meeting it was an excellent
meeting.  Thanks to Jim for typing up the meeting minutes for us.

Our meeting was basically a status meeting for the group.  We discussed our
current situation and where we wanted the group to go in the future.  In all
this we were able to set up the Topics for our next 3 meetings.

November 12th 2006:  "Tips, Tricks, Toys, and Tools"
December 13th 2006:  "Distributed Content Managment Systems"
January 10th 2006:   "Vulnerability Managment"

Our meetings are always scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month and
located at the HP offices at 8830 Mcgaw Rd.  (January's meeting will be held
at Tenable's New offices on Columbia Gateway Blvd.)  

As far as future topics, we've had many ideas.  Some of which include
Cryptography in Linux, TCP/IP Refresher, Programming Language Comparison,
and Distro Comparison.  We will need presenters for these topics if they
come to be scheduled.  Our goal will be to schedule our meetings 90 days in
advance.  This will give us time to get speakers for each of these meetings
before hand and hopefully help all of you to schedule accordingly if you're
interested in that topic.

As always, the group relies on Feedback to make the group better.  If anyone
has ideas for topics they'd like to see or ideas for projects, please don't
hesitate to post it to the list.  

Stay tuned for more information!

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