[CALUG] Next Meeting

Jim Sansing jjsansing at comcast.net
Thu Oct 12 11:20:45 CDT 2006

>Jim Sansing <jjsansing at comcast.net> writes:
>>Bernard Karmilowicz and I will be picking up the web site and mailing
>>list support.  Right now, the web site/mailing list/dns is hosted by
>>David Goodrich who currently lives in Ames, Iowa.  We decided that
>>it would be better to have the site administered by local members,
>>so I will be coordinating with David and Bernard will be setting up
>>a new server.
>Although I rarely attend now (I moved to Catonsville, no longer own a
>car, and only recently built up the strength that would allow me to
>ride to Columbia and back in a single day), I have server space at
>hcoop.net that could be used the host the site. I pay the same amount
>no matter how many domains I host, and can run whatever software I
>need to run (we have Mailman and the other usual software installed
Several people at the meeting offered to share their personal site, but
everyone agreed that if there is only 1 admin, then when they are
unavailable, problems have to wait.  There is also the issue of looking
for a new site every year or so.  If you can provide admin access to the
CALUG domain and expect to be here for a good long while, then I
think this sounds good.  Bernard will be in touch with you.
>>The discussion of other possible activities for CALUG to get
>>involved in included:
>>- Organize field trips
>>- Get togethers outside of meetings, such as a picnic
>>- Help CALUG members who want to organize a task group for
>>  advocacy, training, or other Linux and FOSS related
>>  programs
>I think the calug and umbclug should talk to each other about advocacy
>since the two groups are in roughly the same area (15 miles apart
>isn't even very far for a bicyclist). Just be warned that if you want
>anyone from the FSF down you'll have to become the caglug ;-)
Coordinating with other LUGs in the area was discussed last night, and has
been discussed at previous meetings.  I personally believe that the best way
for this to happen is for multiple LUGs to participate in a common activity.
But even more importantly, someone has to take the initiative to make it
happen.  If you have time and want to take this on, I expect you would find
some support from both LUGs.
>>Bernard said that the new web site will include forums.  That will
>>be a way of helping members organize other activities.  So watch
>>for the announcement of the new web site and check it out.
>Are you sure forums are a good idea? Every few year someone wants the
>umbclug to start forums, but they really don't offer anything that a
>mailing list and an email client that can do topic threading already
>gives you. It could be argued that it gives you *less* functionality
>because you have to manually check the forum instead of having it
>pushed into your calug folder.
The main idea of forums is to take a specific discussion offline.  The
mailing list is still for general discussion.  If plans were being made
for a field trip, then I wouldn't want decisions on transportation and
where to eat to flood the main list.  But again, Bernard has volunteered
to set up the new site and will be the one to make these decisions.

Later . . .   Jim

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