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Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Thu Oct 12 09:56:47 CDT 2006

Bah, setting it to inline didn't work. Stupid gnus not listening to

Jim Sansing <jjsansing at comcast.net> writes:
> Bernard Karmilowicz and I will be picking up the web site and mailing
> list support.  Right now, the web site/mailing list/dns is hosted by
> David Goodrich who currently lives in Ames, Iowa.  We decided that
> it would be better to have the site administered by local members,
> so I will be coordinating with David and Bernard will be setting up
> a new server.

Although I rarely attend now (I moved to Catonsville, no longer own a
car, and only recently built up the strength that would allow me to
ride to Columbia and back in a single day), I have server space at
hcoop.net that could be used the host the site. I pay the same amount
no matter how many domains I host, and can run whatever software I
need to run (we have Mailman and the other usual software installed

> The discussion of other possible activities for CALUG to get
> involved in included:
> - Organize field trips
> - Get togethers outside of meetings, such as a picnic
> - Help CALUG members who want to organize a task group for
>   advocacy, training, or other Linux and FOSS related
>   programs

I think the calug and umbclug should talk to each other about advocacy
since the two groups are in roughly the same area (15 miles apart
isn't even very far for a bicyclist). Just be warned that if you want
anyone from the FSF down you'll have to become the caglug ;-)

> Bernard said that the new web site will include forums.  That will
> be a way of helping members organize other activities.  So watch
> for the announcement of the new web site and check it out.

Are you sure forums are a good idea? Every few year someone wants the
umbclug to start forums, but they really don't offer anything that a
mailing list and an email client that can do topic threading already
gives you. It could be argued that it gives you *less* functionality
because you have to manually check the forum instead of having it
pushed into your calug folder.

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