[CALUG] Next Meeting

Jim Sansing jjsansing at comcast.net
Sun Oct 8 12:05:56 CDT 2006

I was planning to at least talk with Robert and Erin about what is
required to keep the mailing list and web site going.  But I agree
that now would be a good time for CALUG to think about how to
create more long-term stability.  I will be at the next meeting.

Later . . .   Jim

Chuck Fullerton wrote:
>Any news on the next meeting?  I've been talking with Robert about the
>future of the group and if there is nothing else scheduled for the meeting
>next week, I'd like to discuss the status of the group and see if we can
>reorganize a bit to help us keep going.
>I would hate to see the group falter because some of our members are moving
>on to other projects.
>Is there anyone here that is willing to step up to help with the management
>of the group?  If we can get a group of people together it will be easier to
>manage than just depending on one or two people.
>I for one am willing to help out.  Anyone else willing to help?
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