[CALUG] Epson 740i printer

Bart Nielsen blniels at softhome.net
Sun Sep 25 17:51:03 CDT 2005


	I've had two epson 740i ink jet printers since 1999, and I've never
really worried about what sort of ink cartridges I use.  I recently
bought some new cartridges for my printer that aren't from Epson
directly, but claim to be "compatible".  (Okay, I went to ebay and
bought the lowest priced cartridges I could find --- $0.49 each, plus
shipping and handling, which brought them up more than I expected them
to... --- I think it was about $ 3.50 each (I bought 10)).

	But I'm surprised that the printer doesn't actually work.

	When I su to root and run lsusb, the printer doesn't appear to be on
line (there is no epson printer on the usb device chain), although the
"out of ink" light has gone out.

	Has anyone else had that problem?


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