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Fri Sep 23 12:04:02 CDT 2005

MOST recent versions of Redat/Fedora have a GUI setup utility for dial-up internet access.

>From the "applications" menu, select "system tools" then "internet connection tool"

AOL is "special", their value added features extend the normal browser and use a proprietary downloadable client - which so far is windoze only.

AOL released a beta  browser for Linux a couple of years ago, but didn't keep it updated. You can check it out at:


GRUB has a beta config gui at


> Hello,
> How can I establish a web connection with RH9 or any version of Linux for 
> that matter?  I realize this may be a simple task, but I dont know a whole
> lot about establishing connections.  Can I use an AOL access number to do
> this, or do I need their software to access that connection number?
> Secondly, is grub a command line tool only, or can I start a grub GUI.
> I dont feel comfortable using the grub tool yet.  I have downloaded the
> GRUB manual, so I can try and educate myself with that.  Right now I'm in
> two classes, and I work full time.  I would love to experiment and learn
> more, but I need that computer for homework right now.   
> Sincerely,
> Russ Main
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