[CALUG] Monthly Meeting

Bart Nielsen blniels at softhome.net
Thu Sep 22 20:45:12 CDT 2005


	I don't know if this will work or not, but is there any way to request
that the monthly meeting either move:

	* forward to the 2nd Tuesday of the month, or
	* later to the 2nd Thursday of the month, or
	* Later to the 3rd Wednesday?

	I'm not sure what drives when the meeting is --- but I've been asked to
help with troop 122's weekly meetings, which are on Wednesday nights
(although they don't meet on the third Wednesday).

	The Scoutmaster, a linux fan, said he'd come, too, if he could, but
he's busy on the 2nd Wednesday.

	I'm not sure how to start this discussion, and I understand it may be
dead on arrival, but it really is if I never ask....



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