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Russ rmain at polaris.umuc.edu
Wed Sep 21 07:42:35 CDT 2005


Others on the list know much more than I do about HD.  What I have
heard is that the pcHDTV (PCHD3000) card was designed for linux, designed
for receiveing OTA HD bradcast signals, and has been reported by other
members on this list that it will tune digital cable channels.  As you are
porbably already aware, newer monitors will support 1600 x 1200 lines
of resolution.  Isnt HDTV around 800-1200?  If I have a misunderstanding
in any of these facts please someone let me know, because I plan on
building a DVR myself.

Russ M 

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005, Rajiv Gunja wrote:

> So, If I were to understand it right, you guys are telling me :
> a. To receive digital channels, I need a PC card like the HD3000
> b. I can receive and view HDTV channels on my PC. (Dont I need a monitor 
> which can do HD lines (1080i or something like that ?)
> c. With this card, I can receive channels which are over the air ( ofcourse 
> with an HD-Antenna) and decode any HD Channels I get via Comcast.
> -GGR
> Rajiv G Gunja
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Russ Main

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