[CALUG] Digital TV Tuner card

Jacques L'Heureux jlheureux at happyones.com
Tue Sep 20 14:32:21 CDT 2005

They do work but there are only 18 real HD channels out of 300+ =

channels.. During the day, most of these "HD" stations are sending =

regular broadcasts (480i). Check out the list at 3 pm

For a list of the HD stations offered by Comcast near Columbia, see the =

attached file from the comcast.com website. Of these 18, only the first =

6 are not encoded. The other 12 are only available with the topset box =

and for an extra monthly fee.


Danyelle Gragsone wrote:

> sometimes when I watch TV.. you will see a little caption that comes =

> up and says " offered in HDTV where available." Are they full of it?  =

> What about the HD services?  Do they really work?
> On 9/20/05, *Jacques L'Heureux* <jlheureux at happyones.com =

> <mailto:jlheureux at happyones.com>> wrote:
>     You do not need to have the digital service or the HDTV service
>     from Comcast. All digital channels which are not encoded are
>     visible to my HDTV (with tuner included). Channels have odd
>     numbers and several of them are fractional - like 82.5. Only a few
>     are high resolution 1080i and 720p. Most are 480i. Some can be
>     listened in several languages.
>     Jacques
>     Danyelle Gragsone wrote:
>>I just realized. You have to have the HDTV service. =

>>On 9/20/05, Danyelle Gragsone <ladynikon at gmail.com> <mailto:ladynikon at gma=
il.com> wrote: =

>>  =

>>>hmm.. so the tuner card does not give you HDTV quality? =

>>>http://www.pchdtv.com/ =

>>>On 9/20/05, Rajiv Gunja <opn.src.rocks at gmail.com> <mailto:opn.src.rocks@=
gmail.com> wrote: =

>>>    =

>>>>Does any one know about a TV Tuner card which can tune digital channels =

>>>>I dont have HDTV, so I do not want a HDTV tuner card (if one is out =

>>>>there) =

>>>>I want to be able to tune channels which are above the analog channels, =

>>>>so I
>>>>am not stuck with 70 channels.
>>>>Also, if one works with Linux, it would be much better.
>>>>Rajiv G Gunja
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