[CALUG] Success!!!... Now what?

Don Miller III donmiller at airbridge.net
Tue Sep 20 18:12:33 CDT 2005

I have finally managed to get Knoppix 4 down off line (3.1GB) and it is 
running fast and friendly on my book. (auto configured my wireless which 
was a previous problem...)

I also managed to get the Fedora core 4 DVD (with some outstanding 
advice from CALUG member ; ) downloaded.  Unfortunately, when I run the 
install, It only gives me four install options, None of them are DVD and 
CD option does not work (Drats!).  I had a good laugh about this.  They 
managed to pack everything onto one piece of media so well the I can not 
unpack (any ideas out there?)

So then I downloaded the four separate CD's for Fedora Core 4 and I will 
try to install them tonight or thursday ( got a photo shoot tomorrow so 
I can't do it then.).  I finally got Slax KillBill going and I am 
stunned at what the packed into 190 MB Of space, It even runs my 
wireless without configuration! (not that I have any idea how to 
configure any of it.)

Suse Live CD was sweet too but It has a high cost on equipment... 256 MB 
ram minimum to start with (don't ask me why I still have less on one of 
my machines.  Obviously, This glutton loves punishment)

Umm, so if there is anyone out there who has ANY idea how to install 
something that does not come preinstalled, I'd love to talk to you.

G'nite all

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