[CALUG] coLinux and PC-BSD??

Pete Alexander themanifestshadow at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:00:58 CDT 2005

In going to DistroWatch I noticed that there is a new (to me) project calle=
d =

PC-BSD. Since my first alternative OS that I had any success with was =

FreeBSD in the 4.6 - 4.8 versions. Since there have been a few posts on =

coLinux, and I've run out of HotSwap drives to play with, I was thinking =

about using coLinux to try it out on my system. I would love to dual boot =

with it on my 32-bit Windows OS disk, but since it is only 20gb neither =

system would have a lot of room to work with. I know that BSD's are =

technically not linux, but as DistroWatch states, they're pretty close. =

Hence my question is... Can anyone think of a reason why coLinux would not =

allow me to install PC-BSD? At the moment I am not worried about drivers or =

even complete archetecture compatibility (Running an AMD Opteron 244 =

processor) as this is still only a development release. I will probably use =

Daemon tools to mount the image in order to save coasters.

Thoughts and opinions welcome.

-Peter Alexander

MeisterPete at gmail.com
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