[CA LUG] Mailing list change!!!

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 02:06:07 CDT 2005

any prefix is fine as long as it doesnt frequently change.

On 9/18/05, Robert Burgoyne <robert+calug at trueblade.com> wrote:
> Jacques L'Heureux wrote:
> > The subject line of messages from this list used to say [CALUG]. It now
> > says [CA LUG]. Was this done on purpose?
> The CA LUG emailing list was moved to a different server running other
> software. The addition of the extra space was inadvertent.
> We can have the prefix be anything we want it to be. Let's solicit
> opinions and see what other group members say.
> > PS. I noticed because my filter stopped working.
> Sorry about your filter and thanks for this information.
> I filter and sort my email list subscriptions using Cyrus and a special
> email address alias. It took awhile to setup but this works quite well
> and scales nicely.
> All input as to how to make this mailing list and our LUG group work
> best for everyone is welcome.
> Thank you.
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