[CA LUG] Mailing list change!!!

Robert Burgoyne robert+calug at trueblade.com
Sun Sep 18 00:43:20 CDT 2005

Jacques L'Heureux wrote:
> The subject line of messages from this list used to say [CALUG]. It now 
> says [CA LUG]. Was this done on purpose?

The CA LUG emailing list was moved to a different server running other 
software. The addition of the extra space was inadvertent.

We can have the prefix be anything we want it to be. Let's solicit 
opinions and see what other group members say.

> PS. I noticed because my filter stopped working.

Sorry about your filter and thanks for this information.

I filter and sort my email list subscriptions using Cyrus and a special 
email address alias. It took awhile to setup but this works quite well 
and scales nicely.

All input as to how to make this mailing list and our LUG group work 
best for everyone is welcome.

Thank you.

Robert Burgoyne

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