[CA LUG] Hello all!

Randy Schrickel randysch at comcast.net
Mon Sep 12 19:44:57 CDT 2005

David A. Cafaro wrote:

> Also, I wanted to announce that Erin and Robert are going to be the new
> co-leaders for the CALUG.  I've had a few people ask about this, and I
> thought it might be easier just to make an announcement to the list in
> whole.  I want to thank them for volunteering to take on this task, and
> wish them the best of luck!

Gang, we all owe David (and Rod, though he's been AWOL for a while ;) ) 
a big thanks for running the show for the past three years. There's more 
to it than just lining up speakers every month (and that's not easy by 
any means), and they did a great job. So thanks David and Rod!

To the new suck^H^H^H^Hleaders Erin and Robert, best of luck, and thanks 
for taking over to keep the CALUG running!


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