[CA LUG] Hello all!

David A. Cafaro dac at cafaro.net
Mon Sep 12 15:11:13 CDT 2005

First off I wanted to give a big thank you and solute to David, Erin,
and Robert for working on getting the new mailing list setup and
migrating the CALUG website and mailing list to a new hosting provider.
It wasn't easy, but it looks like things are settled back down now.

Also, I wanted to announce that Erin and Robert are going to be the new
co-leaders for the CALUG.  I've had a few people ask about this, and I
thought it might be easier just to make an announcement to the list in
whole.  I want to thank them for volunteering to take on this task, and
wish them the best of luck!

I've now moved down to Virginia, so will only be attending CALUG
meetings on rare occasions, but plan on lurking around the the mailing
list for a long while.

David Cafaro

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