[CA LUG] mailing list spam/virus filtering

david l goodrich dlg at dorkzilla.org
Mon Sep 12 13:38:25 CDT 2005

  Incoming messages to lug at calug.com are scanned by spamassassin for spam
content, and clamav for virus content.  the two headers to filter on are

X-Spam-Virus: Yes
X-Spam-Flag: YES

of course, the other SpamAssassin headers - X-Spam-Level and X-Spam-Status are
also available to you.  hopefully this will mitigate many of the effects of
unwanted email on the list.

(note to those of you that actually look for SA/Clam headers in
this email: you won't find any.  i don't filter mail from the
local machine.  this email is sent from the local machine.
hence, no headers. <grin>)
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