[CALUG] Hardware Mirroring

Rajiv Gunja opn.src.rocks at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 07:25:15 CDT 2005

Does anyone in the group used hardware mirroring?, if so, have you installed
grub on both boot disks ?

Explanation of my Question:
I recently obtained a Dell server which lets me do hardware mirroring on its
internal drive using megaraid. I intend to install either RHEL 4 or SLES 9.
For redundency, I mirrored the boot disks via hardware mirroring. Now I can
install grub on the first disk, but not on the second disk. The basic
thought being that if the first disk goes bad, the second disk should be
bootable. Every time I try to install grub on it, it fails -> core dump. So
the only way I can boot through the second disk is via a floppy drive, which
is kind of annoying, as i have to make sure that the floppy disk is not

I have looked at RH website and there is no solution for hardware mirror,
however they have solution for the same for a software mirroring.

Anyone, any clues?


Rajiv G Gunja
System Analyst / Engg
SUN / AIX / HPUX / Linux Admin
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