[CALUG] repartitioning on the fly

David Salinas rdsalinas at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 24 22:41:12 CST 2005

>>>I don't bother with miniscule probabilities. 

I do. 

Especially when dealing with other peoples data/systems. True, it may
not matter in the grand scheme of things when dealing with a casual
post in this thread. But I still TRY and make it a habit of verifying;
minuscule or not.

>>>I still maintain that the clues are there for anyone savvy enough to
read them.

Saying that there are clues is one thing. Saying that we *should* have
known is another. It's a process. Say something, get feedback. Say
something again, get feedback. We were missing one of those key
components. Joan, where are you?

>>>The answer to "One What Born Every Minute?" is "Sucker" Bone up on
your Aphorisms. P.T Barnum.

Yes, I knew it was sucker. I just wanted you to say it. Heh...

>>>Joan's AS 4.1 vs RH4.1.

I don't care about a desire to *win* a bet. It's true that it's more
probable that it IS RHEL 4.1.  I have the same clues are at my disposal
at this time. BUT even then, I'd still would want to verify the info
regardless. And that's my point.  

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