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  I have scanned some answers you are getting, and I think we are suffering from "Tower of babel" syndrome here.

  I suspect that when you say "powerful" in regards to programming, you are looking for an Integrated Development Environement (IDE) that keeps track of which software modules are used by each other, lets you automatically compile and link, has libraries of drag-and-drop routines to insert in new programs, tracks code versioning, etc.

  Unfortunately, when a "cult-of-unix" propeller-head hears the word "powerful", he typically is thinking of a bare-wires interface that does absolutely nothing to assist the user, but instead gives him the "power" to write his own string-manipulation scripts in an arcane syntax known only to a handful of illuminati.

I kinda of suspect that you might get some mileage out of CASE tools like:

There's lots more listed on http://www.sourceforge.net

> I think I was a bit too vague earlier. I am looking for the best, in
> your opinions, application for programming. I want something that is
> powerful and efficient to use. I am trying to get away from learning to
> program via VI. 
> Thanks
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