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For admission to the MS in Computer Science program at JHU, you need a Bach=
elors degree (any major) as well as several prerequisites;
1 year of calculus plus one additional math course
an introductory class in an object-oriented programming language
a course in data structures
a course in computer organization

Your friend can view the current catalog at the following link;

http://ptesrv.apl.jhu.edu/05_06_catalog/index.html =

They offer the Masters in Computer Science as well as a Masters in Informat=
ion Systems and Technology.  They are both well-regarded programs.


Alan Faber
Space Department
SEI - Space Integration and Operations


>Do you think it would be necessary to have a bachelors in CS to pursue this
>program? How many years did it take you to complete this course?

>He definitely does not want to go for PhD. He eventually wants to combine
>(or learn) software programming to add to his finance and quantitative
>skills. My interpretation is that he is looking for some programming skills
>-- Python, C++ or whatever -- to manipulate, extract and mine financial




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