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On 11/8/05, Katie Bechtold <katie at hoteldetective.org> wrote:
> I can't speak to the advisability of your friend's idea, but a
> convenient part-time program in this area is the Johns Hopkins
> University Engineering Program for Professionals
> (http://www.epp.jhu.edu/). I just got my master's degree in
> computer science through that program, but my bachelor's degree is
> in the same field, so I expect my experience was different from what
> your friend can expect. I should note that JHU EPP is not geared
> toward research, so I don't recommend it for people who want to go
> on to pursue a PhD in computer science. I would recommend it to
> virtually everyone else, though.

Do you think it would be necessary to have a bachelors in CS to pursue this
program? How many years did it take you to complete this course?

He definitely does not want to go for PhD. He eventually wants to combine
(or learn) software programming to add to his finance and quantitative
skills. My interpretation is that he is looking for some programming skills
-- Python, C++ or whatever -- to manipulate, extract and mine financial




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