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My naive approach would be to download the source files for the kernel.

Then I would use the find command to run through the source directories looking for all -name "*.h" files, and use the -exec grep PTHREAD_THREAD_MAX '{}'  \; option to search through each file found for the desired string.

if it ain't in an include file with a .h extension, try -name "*.c", or just manually cd to each directory and grep for the string at the command line.

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From: "Grindell, Joan M." <GrindellJ at SEC.GOV>
> If anyone is familiar with the Red Hat kernel, would you know the answer
> to this question:
> We are running Red Hat AS version 4 update1.  Our users have asked me
> what the PTHREAD_THREAD_MAX value is.  The kernel was installed from the
> Red Hat installation discs.  Is there a command or a location on the
> server that will yield this information?
> Many thanks,
> And a happy new year.
> Joan 
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