[CALUG] Temporary email shutdown

Rob randspayne at comcast.net
Sun Dec 18 15:43:14 CST 2005

On Dec 18, 2005, at 2:20 PM, donmiller at airbridge.net wrote:

> Thanks for your help.  I use POP3 to collect emails and I use a  
> webpage client to look at them.  It allows HTML to get to me.  Any  
> idea on why I am getting it so bad?  It has been accelerating over  
> the last year and it has gotten to the point where 95-98 % of my  
> mail is spam.  I like this address but I'm starting to think this  
> is futile given the non-existent customer support and filter options.
Don, If you are rendering html when reading your mail, and noticing  
ever increasing spam, I recommend taking a look at the web bug FAQ  
from the Electronic Frontier Foundation's site at

Spammers have used web bugs for years to find live addresses, then  
sell those to other spammers.  Of course, the short answer is to send  
and accept text only or set your e-mail client to not load remote  
images from the Internet.

Hope it helps,
Rob Payne

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