[CALUG] Temporary email shutdown

donmiller@airbridge.net donmiller at airbridge.net
Sun Dec 18 13:20:17 CST 2005

Thanks for your help.  I use POP3 to collect emails and I use a webpage client to look at them.  It allows HTML to get to me.  Any idea on why I am getting it so bad?  It has been accelerating over the last year and it has gotten to the point where 95-98 % of my mail is spam.  I like this address but I'm starting to think this is futile given the non-existent customer support and filter options.

I recently lost several months of email in a Netscape profile and I am considering using something else as netscape isn't very easy to backup reliably.  

Any recommendations on apps?   I've heard of Firefox but I don't think it's for email? 

Thank you, Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.  

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From: Kelly Price <strredwolf at gmail.com>
Date: Sunday, December 18, 2005 12:01 pm
Subject: Re: [CALUG] Temporary email shutdown
> On 12/17/05, donmiller at airbridge.net <donmiller at airbridge.net> wrote: 
> > I have been over run by Email spam and it has recently increased 
> to 2-3 MB text per day. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to 
> filter spam using Airbridge.net? 
> Yeah, Don. First, turn off sending email in HTML. The listserv 
> software strips out HTML (and it's not needed most of the time 
> anyway). 
> Second, are you pulling your mail via POP or IMAP from Airbridge? 
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