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The Columbia-Area Linux Users Group (CALUG) is a friendly informal group of Columbia-area residents who share an interest in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in general, and Linux in particular. The CALUG meets at 7:00PM on the second Wednesday of each month. Like the software that interests us, our meetings are free - and open to everyone.

UMBC Training Centers is extending the courtesy of hosting the CALUG meetings at its Columbia Maryland training center, conveniently located at:

6996 Columbia Gateway Drive, Suite 100
Columbia, MD 21046

Meeting attendees should park in the dedicated parking lots marked for UMBC Training Centers. To find the CALUG meeting-room enter the training-center thru its main entrance and proceed down the hall to the right of the training-center's main lobby. The CALUG meets in the last room on the right at the end of that hall.

All interested in FOSS are welcome to join the CALUG at our January 10th meeting for a fun and informal exchange of technical knowledge. Thomas Delrue is scheduled to give an interesting and timely "Running an OpenVPN Server on your Raspberry Pi:" presentation:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to securely connect to a remote network from your device. Some people are familiar using a VPN to securely connect remotely to their employer's network from their home or when on the road. VPNs are also useful for connecting remotely to your home network, and for creating secure connections thru networks which are considered insecure (e.g. hotel and airport public WiFi services).

Mr. Delrue will discuss his experience getting an OpenVPN Server set up and running on a Raspberry Pi, followed by an open discussion on how to secure the VPN server even more. By the end of the presentation attendees should have sufficient information to easily set up their own OpenVPN server at home!

Meeting attendees are invited to arrive at 6:30PM to enjoy pizza and soda courtesy of Aplura prior to the 7:00PM presentation - so you do not need to choose between dinner and the fun of a CALUG meeting.

Regarding the scheduling of CALUG presentations; Please contact Chuck Frain if you have a FOSS technology to present to a friendly group in a relaxed environment. The presentation schedule is open and flexible:

If you are interested in giving a talk or have a topic you would like to discuss, please let me know. We can accommodate our traditional one topic meeting or if a few people have shorter presentations or topics, we can do it that way as well. This is a great forum for novice speakers to practice their skills!

Please thank Chuck Frain for his interesting and timely "Importance of Documentation" presentation at the December CALUG meeting.


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