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CERTs and Advisories
CERT Carnegie Mellon University's (CMU) Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) site.
CERT Vulnerability Notes The CMU-maintained National CERT Vulnerability Notes database.
National Vulnerability Database A cyber security vulnerability database hosted by NIST that integrates all publicly available U.S. Government vulnerability resources and provides references to industry resources
CVE Database
The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures definition is an attempt to standardize the names for vulnerabilities to improve accuracy and efficiency.
BugTraq Security Focus' BugTraq database.
Open Source Vulnerability Database An unbiased, vendor neutral vulnerability database that is community supported
Secunia Research Vulnerabilities discovered or coordinated by Secunia Research.
Internet Storm Center The ISC provides a free analysis and warning service to thousands of Internet users and organizations.
Security Organizations
Institute for Security and Open Methodologies An open, collaborative, security research community.
IEEE Cyber Security Community The IEEE's open community for computer security, education, and best practices.
Wikipedia List Wikipedia's list of computer security organizations.
Security News
Security NewsWire A portal of security related news articles.
Bulletproof TLS Feisty Duck's TLS-focused monthly newsletter.
Security Products
Metasploit The Metasploit project for penetration testing.
Metasploit Cheat Sheet A Metasploit "cheat sheet" in various (HTML, PDF, JPEG) formats.
Fear the Metasploit Framework An article explaining the Metasploit framework.
Essential Security Tools Hacker Target's list of the 15 most useful Open Source computer security tools.
Debian Auditing Tools A list of packages available within the Debian archive which are designed to aid source code audits.
Security Information
Debian Auditing Project A site with information regarding the auditing of the source code of all setui/setgid binaries within the Debian Stable Release.
SANS Institute The SANS Institute provides training and resources for computer security.
Top 20 Controls Center for Internet Security list of top 20 security controls.
How Shellcodes Work A SysAdmin-targeted overview demonstrating how shellcodes work.
Writing Shellcode for Linux and *BSD A programmer-targeted tutorial on writing shellcodes.
Exploit Archive's exploit archive with a search feature to crawl the web looking for exploits.
Exploit Database Offensive Security's database with exploit code for analysis.
DEFCON CTF Archive Archive of DEFCON's Capture the Flag (CTF) contests.
Managing a Honeypot An article on honeypots.
Hacker Highschool Security awareness for teenagers.
Linux Security
Linux Security was launched in 1996 by a group of Open Source enthusiasts and security experts.
SELinux Security-Enhanced (SE) Linux project site.
Armoring Linux An older but comprehensive article on setting up a secure Linux server.
Linux Security Principles Penguin Tutor's Linux-focused security overview.
Linux Security for Beginners Linuxtopia's Linux Security for Beginners guide.
Linux Journal Security Articles Index (in descending order by date) of Linux Journal's security-focused articles.

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