[CALUG] FW: November Meeting.

Chuck Fullerton cfullerton at tenablesecurity.com
Mon Oct 23 07:54:46 CDT 2006

 Just a Reminder about our Next Meeting.

So far We have one item for our presentation.  We're still looking for more
people to share their Tips, Tricks, Toys and Tools.  

Here's some questions to ask yourself .

With what I'm doing now.. 

1.  Is it helpful to you?  Chances are it will help someone else as well.
2.  Is it fun?  Then someone else might have a more pleasant experience with
3.  Did it help you to get something to work?  Then others will definitely
appreciate the help.

This is a great way for you to give back to the group.  (And it doesn't even
cost any cash!!)

It's real easy to sign up.  Just reply to this email and let me know you're
interested.  Even if you have questions and aren't sure, reply and let me

Have a Great Week!!!!


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Greetings All!

Our next meeting with be on November 12th at the HP offices we currently
meet at.  The topic of this meeting will be "Tips, Tricks, Toys, and Tools".
We are currently looking for speakers for this meeting.  Please keep reading
for more details!

We all have our "Tips, Tricks, Toys, and Tools" that we like best.  This
next meeting we'll be sharing what we know with everyone else in the group.
Here's the format for this meeting:

1.  Sign up with Chuck (reply to this email) with what you'd like to share.
(this is so we don't have 7 items on the same tool) 2. In your email include
the following information.
	1. Name of the item to share
	2. URL to the item (or where to get it)
	3. Some bullet point features
	4. A Screenshot of the item in use.
	5. What user level of experience is required to run the tool? 
		Beginner, Intermediate Advanced.
3.  I will create a presentation of all the info I recieve that way we'll
have structure for the meeting.  I'll post the finished list before the
meeting that way everyone will know what order they will be in.
4.  On the night of the meeting, I'll MC the meeting and introduce each
speaker as their topic comes up.
5.  Each speaker will have 5-7 minutes to present their item.

Let's all have fun with this. Need some ideas to jog your memory?  Here's
what I consider each item category to be..

Tips - on the tools that many of us use everyday, you might have an idea on
how to use it more effectively. 
Tricks - Had a problem trying to get something to work?  Give us a short
hack on how to get things working right and what to watch out for.
Toys - Games, and other non work items that help us get through the day (or
Tools - Those little apps that help you get your job done.

Anyone who is interested please reply to this email with the items you're
interested in sharing.

Thank you and we all look forward to the next meeting of CALUG.

Chuck Fullerton

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