[CALUG] Mailing List Removal

Jim Sansing jjsansing at comcast.net
Fri Oct 20 09:51:27 CDT 2006

 Since I have stepped into the limelight in CALUG, I guess it is
sort of my duty to respond here.

Rick, I agree that Mr. Saadoun should have been more observant.
I thought David made that point in his response, 'unsubscribing
from calug'.  But CALUG has many members that are new to
Linux, and responses like this are going to make them afraid to
come to us for help.

To those who are new to Linux and FOSS, please make some
effort to figure out what you need to know before just yelling
for help--we are not paid help desk staff.  But when you need
help, please ask, and tell us briefly what you have done to solve
your problem so we can help you move forward from that point.
Keep in mind that a large part of the enjoyment of FOSS is the
learning experience.

Later . . .   Jim

Rick Radzville wrote:
>Are you asking because managers never know how to do anything, or
>because architects never know the details of how anything works? Or is
>it just because you're too technical to RTFM? Here's the link:
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>Hi All
>How can I get out of this mailing list , please advice
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