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Miguel Centrino migc570 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 20 00:08:36 CDT 2006

It depends, who do you listen to.
 I've used it, and I find it very restrictive - Do it the Rails way or don't do it at all.
 I also suscribed to one of the Ruby/rails mailing lists.
 I got fed up with - 200 -300 messages/per day  from what seems to be a population of 13-16 year old.
 So, you can figure out why the noise ratio is very high.

"Jason C. Miller" <jason.c.miller at gmail.com> wrote: Since Beau mentioned a LAMP position, I might as well segue (sp?) into a
question of mine.  What is the popular opinion on here regarding the Rails
(Ruby) framework?  Is everyone else finding that it's taking off like a
bat-out-of-windows in industry?
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