[CALUG] Ruby and Rusty Rails

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>From: Clinton Ebadi <clinton at unknownlamer.org>
>To: James Ewing Cottrell 3rd <JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET>, lug at calug.com
>Subject: Re: [CALUG] Ruby and Rusty Rails
>Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 18:43:56 -0400
>James Ewing Cottrell 3rd <JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET> writes:
> > Speaking of LISP, HTML and XML would have worked much better as
> > S-expressions. Consider:
> >
> > (html ()
> > (head () (title () A Web Page))
> > (body ()
> > (h2 ((color . red)(font . times)) Off With His Head!)
> > (p ((color . black) Curiouser (i () and) curiouser.)))
>What you describe is essentially 3NF of SXML which is much much nicer
>to work with than XML in any non-Lisp/Scheme language. Whenever I have
>to transform XML docs for work (they insist on using PHP due to
>general lack of brain power / "we can't have you become
>irreplacement") I write a scheme program to do it. XSLT sucks compared
>to SXSLT (or even just using the Scheme list operations on the XML).
>I used to hate XML but now I tolerate it since it's so easy to process
>in my favorite language as it is merely a tree. The external
>representation is of little consequence when you can write tools to
>easily deal with it (e.g. it'd be trivial to make nxml-mode in emacs
>display the document as an sexp if you really wanted).
>Common Lisp has cxml (which is basically SXML with the @ to start the
>attributes alist) for parsing and transforming XML, and UCW includes
>yaclml that is great for generating XML (you can translate Zope TAL
>templates into it, define your own tag macros, ...).
>'Obsolete' 1950s technology proving itself to be better than
>everything else out that for the problems that the industry wants to
>solve nowadays. I say let the unwashed masses suffer with their lesser
>languages while those of us who can use the good ones safe much effort
>and profit more.
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