[CALUG] more sun gear

Sean Wilkerson sean at seanandheather.com
Tue May 9 20:56:57 CDT 2006

Hey Linux Folk,

Much like Perry from last week, I am not keen on off-topic posts, 
especially of the "selling things" variety, but I wanted our kind to 
have a shot at it first before I posted it to Craig's list.

Below is a collection of SUN gear.  This is a winner-takes-all deal, so 
no selling of individual items.  The catch is, you do have to take it 
all (how else do you get rid of a waist-high-stack of IPXs?).

You are welcome to make me an offer, but I would be happy for anything 
over $100 for it all (Jason and Jason, is this reasonable?).  Please 
mail me off-list if you are interested.  The best offer (read: not 
necessarily the highest...ensuring a fast pick-up goes a long way) will win.

Oh, I live in Columbia in Longreach (off Phelps Luck) and I am available 
after 6pm for pick-up Wed and Thurs.



- Ultra 10, 440mhz, 512mb  - Fully Functional

- Ultra 10, 440mhz, 512mb  - Partially Functional (MB problem (Defective 
Einstein Chipset), everything else is believed to work, good for parts 
or you can replace MB)

- Ultra  5, 233?mhz, 256mb - Fully Functional (manual included)

- Sparc 5, 130mhz, 128mb, dual NIC, cdrom - Fully Functional at last 
boot (Good firewall)

- Sparc 2, xxmhz, xxmb, - not functional

- Assorted "Lunchboxes" (5 lunchbox size Sparc IPX and IPCs) - not 
functional, but some have good NVRam last checked.


- Sun 19" (manual included)

Docs: (No extra charge for my bad handwritten notes)
- SUN Edu's "Administering Security for Solaris 2.x" - Class manual
- SUN Edu's "Shell Programming for System Programmers" - Class manual


- SUNPCI Board ram and CPU included and installed - This is a pci card 
for an Ultra 10 to create an embedded System which you can run Linux, 
Solaris, Windows, etc. with its own processor and RAM and outputs (e.g. 
vga, usb, sound).

- SUN Type 6 Keyboard and Mouse

- 4mm internal dat drive
- Various other boards (scsi controller)
- Various other drives - SCSI, but if you want IDE I can probably dig 
some up
- Box'o'Ram - Some ram for Ultras (256-512) and lots of ram for 
- Cables - Serial, 13w3 extensions and conversions, console, SUN Kvm 
cables, mini-din, etc
- Parts - Box of Sparc parts, all sorts (cards, cables, connectors, blah 
blah blah)
- Various adapters (null-modems, db25-->rj5, db9-->rj5, 13w3-->vga, 3 
transceivers, etc.)

*Note: Unknown status of all items other than those marked as 
functional, but only those mentioned as non-functional are KNOWN not to 
work*  (Read: Not trying to screw anyone here, just want you to know the 
status as well as I do)



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