[CALUG] Slightly off-topic: Perry's Office Cleanout Sale

Perry M Lynch PerryLynch at LBD.Org
Thu May 4 07:22:46 CDT 2006

I know this may be off-topic, and so I'll apologize first: I'm sorry.


In an effort to clear out shelf space and make room for more current
projects, I have the following items available. These are all going on Ebay
next week, but I'd like the local techs & geeks to have first shot at them.
This will pave the 


Cisco 2620 router - functional. Two WIC-1DSU cards included. This will start
on Ebay next week at $300.


Cisco 1720 router. Functional. 1 WIC-1DSU card. $150 to $460 on Ebay. I'd
like somewhere in that range.


Sun Ultra 10 workstation. Functional when last booted. Similar units go on
ebay right now for $200 or more. - $25 - $450 on Ebay. Will take any
reasonable offer. I can come up with a 21" SGI monitor and cables for that
as well.


Nokia IP330 Firewall. 1 RU, older design, 10 GB or less hdd. Never used, but
the box and manuals are missing. 3 NICs. Excellent firewall. $150 - $400 on
Ebay. Any reasonable offer.


Sun D1000 SCSI RAID Array. 12 18 GB SCSI drives. I've never fired it up as I
don't have the interface cables. These range from $10 to $2795 on Ebay right
now. I'll take any fair offer.


Email me directly if you are interested. 






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