[CALUG] Thank you

Pete Nuwayser pete at tux.org
Thu Apr 13 18:29:31 CDT 2006

Dear CALUG: 

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me some time to meet you all and conduct
the Tux.Org elections last night.  I enjoyed talking with you all and am 
looking forward to my next CALUG meeting!  

A quick reminder that if you're intereted in the Tux.Org Linux Picnic, please
subscribe to the picnic at tux.org mailing list.  Standard mailman subscription
process:  send "subscribe" to picnic-request at tux.org and confirm.

Likewise there are lists for FOSE (fose at tux.org, though it will be a while 
before that one picks up again), jobs (ma-jobs at tux.org) and many, many others.
Visit http://www.tux.org and visit the mailing lists page for more info.


Pete Nuwayser <pete at tux.org>  Tux.Org, Incorporated

http://www.tux.org/~pete/nuwayser.asc for PGP public key
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