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Reid Sprague r-link at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 12 09:30:31 CDT 2006

Dear Mark & Hugh,

Thanks for the tips! Any distros that support HP devices right out of 
the box? Am considering a MadTux MiniPC, which runs off a thumbdrive, 
for the upstairs office and can come with either Knoppix or Ubuntu (but 
can run others using a HDD). We would do most of our work over a 
wireless network using our Windows, Mac & (soon I hope) Linux laptops at 
various locations downstairs. I've had pie in the sky ideas but it's 
good to know what people have actually done that works. I have studied 
networking, but never built a network & can't sink a lot of time in 
configuration and experimentation -- would like to get this up and 
running ASAP.

Thanks very much,          


Allbritten, Mark wrote:

>I'm not in my office or near a pc, but HP has a linux driver support matrix (webpage).  Within it you can find what functions and which devices.  Some are fully supported some are not.
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>I've supported some HP models in an office environment.  The fax stuff
>didn't work via the computer (it does with windows), but the print and scan
>worked fine.
>On 4/11/06, Reid Sprague <r-link at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>This is pretty basic -- just soliciting opinions and experiences.
>>Have moved and am setting up a home office. Am getting ambiguous info
>>regarding how well various multifunction laser machines
>>(copy-print-scan-fax) work with Linux. For instance I was excited about a
>>model made by Brother until I saw a couple of posts/opinions on other sites
>>about lack of Linux support. Opinions & experiences with various
>>units/distros in home business office environment appreciated. Will not
>>necessarily need my Linux box to act as print server, many MFCs have network
>>Thanks,           Reid
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