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James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Wed Sep 28 19:05:41 CDT 2005

That would be quite a BIG page! More manageable would be a list of 
places that already have such pages. My standard source for Linux 
Distros is http://www.distrowatch.com which has the top 100 distros 
listed down the right side of the page.

There is also a list of distributions on http://www.linux.org on the 
left side of the page. You will find many odd distributions in this 
list, and some of the info is somewhat out of date.

You can also google for "linux distribution" and find several other 
resources. Good Luck!


junekis at comcast.net wrote:
> How about a page with links to all the Linux distros with a one-sentence description of each.
>>Greeting All,
>>   Great meeting last night! I sure enjoyed it. I guess I am the type of person 
>>that likes an open forum type of meeting anyway. Does anyone have any other 
>>ideas for web content that might be useful for a new Calug web site? Also, to 
>>brighten your Thursday, check out distrowatch weekly for an amusing article 
>>called "Microsoft tries to hire Eric S Raymond"
>>Yahoo! for Good
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