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Thu Sep 22 21:43:31 CDT 2005

The problem could be because PC-BSD like many Linux distros might not have
understood the VMware card and the VMware Monitor.
What I do is usually run xorgconfig as root the first time X fails or comes
up too small. According to Windows XP my monitor can do 2048x1536 @ 32-bit,
but I have never tried any resolution greater than 1856x1392. I always
configure Linux/BSD/Solaris to 1400x1050. Which is good for a guest OS.

I am attaching my xorg.conf and XF86Config file for your reference. You may
edit it to your monitor resolution and reboot your VM into multi-user mode.

Since I use a lot of different Linux distributions, I usually have
templates. SuSE, Mandrake, Red Hat, Xandros, Solaris and now PC-BSD.

If you want to configure your hardware, use sysinstall which is very
primitive, but gets the job done. Red Hat got the idea for setup from BSDi,
same goes for Yast.

Let me know how it works out. Since the major x86 distros switched to xorg,
it has become very simple to trouble shoot any issues with X. The only
enhancement I have seen after installing VMware tools is that the mouse
moves to and from the VMware without pressing "Alt-Ctrl" to release it. Also
when you press "Ctrl-Alt-Enter" the guest switches to full screen mode.

Rajiv G Gunja

On 9/22/05, Pete <TheManifestShadow at gmail.com> wrote:
> The problem that I am having with X is that the screen is really small.
> The rez on Windows is 1280x1024 which /might/ be whats going on. I can
> clearly see the the PC-BSD GUI but I'd like it to be a lot bigger. I've
> enclosed a screen shot to give a better idea of the issue. So far I like
> the OS, and I'll probably load it into a single boot drive and keep
> using it that way. For now the lack of VMware Tools is not a problem,
> but the question that I have now is; In the event that I need to install
> somthing w/o ahaving an X server running how do I go about that? It's
> probably in the FreeBSD manual somewhere so I'll look for it.
> -Pete
> Rajiv Gunja wrote:
> >Pete,
> >
> >a. VMWare tools needs to installed while the X is running. VMWare tools
> >needs the X to check the monitor freq and video card capability.
> >
> >b. I think VMware comes with only FreeBSD VMware tools and not for this
> >PC-BSD.
> >
> >What is the issue you have with the X? My X is working really well,
> without
> >any VMware tools installed.
> >1400 x 1050 @ 24-bit colour.
> >
> >-GGR
> >Rajiv G Gunja
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