[CA LUG] Looking for a good burn of Fedora Core 4

James Ewing Cottrell 3rd JECottrell3 at Comcast.NET
Thu Sep 15 22:10:41 CDT 2005

I have tried several times as well with no luck. But I DO have a theory.

The obvious thing that comes to mind is that the DVD is > 2G, meaning 
that the md5sum (or in this case, sha1sum) must be a 64-bit program.

I do all my downloading under Windoze XP. The download tool I use is 
called DAP (Download Accelerator Program) from www.speedbit.com

It automatically finds mirrors and opens multiple connections to 
different sites, putting the pieces back together. It's pretty spiffy, 
and it's free (a better version is available if you want to pay for it).

The md5sum verifier I use is nice. You drag the file with the md5 sums 
into it, and it reads the filesnames from the text and compares the 
sums. It will also generate them if you ask.

For burning, I use the Nero that came with my HP DVD burner. Like with 
CD-Rs, it's probably a good idea to limit other activity during the burns.

In any case, I have started simply burning the first CD and at the boot: 
prompt typing "linux askmethod". It will ask whether you want to install 
from {CD,DVD,disk,NFS,FTP,HTTP}. If you have a fast network, the last 
two are good. But I choose "disk" for my local installs. You simply tell 
it which partition and directory the ISOs are on. I use a FAT32 
partition as an exchange area between the systems.

FWIW, loading from disk is faster than from CD or DVD and uses less plastic.

If you like, you can even boot a rescue linux, newfs the target 
partition, copy the ISOs there, and when you choose the root partition, 
tell it not to format it.

Another poster mentioned unpacking the initrd, chrooting to it, and 
invoking /linuxrc (the install proggram) directly! I haven't tried that, 
but it sounds promising. You don't need to burn anything that way!


Russ wrote:
> Don,
> I have tried several times myself using Roxio on Windows, and I havent
> been successful either.  I dont know the proper procedure, but you may
> want to try using a Knoppix cd and copy/download the iso's.  Let me or the
> group know how you resolve this please.
> Russ M 
> On Tue, 13 Sep 2005, Don Miller III wrote:
>>I have repeatedly tried to download the image file fore FC4 DVD or 
>>Cd's.  I would prefer the DVD but it really does not matter for me.  I 
>>want to explore Linux and after years of use off and on, I am still a 
>>novice.  If anyone has suggestions, or can connect for me to burn a 
>>copy, I would appreciate it. 
>>Thanks for your help
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> Sincerely,
> Russ Main
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